Xbox One Review: Never Alone Foxtales

Nuna and Fox are back for one more adventure…

Never Alone Foxtales is a DLC expansion to the original game that received high praise from critics, myself included several months ago. The DLC is cheap and is good value for money, even if it is on the short side. It does tell a good tale of Nuna and Fox chasing after a mouse that is lost to the unforgiving Alaskan currents after teasing it. The story is actually inspired by the tale of the “Two Coastal Brothers.” An Alaskan tribe favourite.
If you played the original game, you’ll see that Foxtales doesn’t change the formula too much. Fox still runs up walls and moves the spirits in each area to push you and Nuna forward. The original had many dangers and the same can be said for Foxtales, but none more so that the gigantic mouse that hunts you towards the end of the game, who is a real pain but requires a lot of thinking to overcome. He’s even creepier than the masked villain from the original, he also interferes with some of your puzzles, making them even more difficult.

Nuna gets a few extra abilities like being able to row a canoe, but also the spirits drop orbs for Nuna to carry and throw, which can do things like break up rocks and allows both Nuna and Fox to pass through. There are also more Cultural Insight videos which interview real tribe members and give a good look into Alaskan life, it’s always interesting to see these and if they decide to make more DLC, I hope we get another set of videos to watch.

The Verdict

Never Alone Foxtales is a very short DLC expansion, but it is highly enjoyable and cheap too. It has all the charm of the original, while adding more insight into the ways of Alaskan tribes. It may be short, but damn is it sweet.

Overall Score: 8.0