Xbox One Review: Just Cause 3 – Mech Land Assault

Mechs come to Medici, but is it worth the price?

The Sky Fortress DLC gave us the great jet pack to use, along with some pretty decent…albeit brief missions. The next DLC is Mech Land Assault and lets Rico obtain a fully-playable mech suit, which is pretty bad-ass…the problem lays with the story missions. There’s just simply not enough of them for the price of admission, it currently costs just under £10. You could get quite a bit of content for that, but Mech Land Assault is over pretty quickly…
So really, you have to put it down to whether you think that price is worth it for essentially a mech suit. It definitely has its uses, but the jetpack was definitely more helpful traversing Medici. The good news is that the DLC adds a new island to the mix that needs liberating, but there’s only 2 main missions. It seems like a wasted opportunity.
Essentially, Mech Land Assault provides some of the best fun and least fun for the main game. The story does little to impress, while liberating the new island is required to unlock the second and final mission of the DLC…which extends its lifespan, but only by a small fraction. It’s a very short DLC as I have already said, so it comes down to if you are willing to pay for the amount on offer.

The Verdict

Mech Land Assault has some great moments, the mech suit makes you a brute force against your enemies…but the lack of content hurts the overall package. It’s a pricey add-on for what’s on offer, but there’s no denying how handy the mech can come in. Let’s hope there’s more to come from the rest of the Season Pass, or those who invested will definitely feel shortchanged.

Score: 7.0