PS4 Review: Broken Bots

Broken in just name or also in game?

Broken Bots is an competitive indie title from Bunnycopter for PS4, it’s also available for PC. It handles like a twin stick shooter, while it displays from a top-down view. It’s online-only and has typical modes like King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag that works quite well with this type of shooter. But does it do enough to entice a purchase?
At a first glance, Broken Bots looks incredibly basic in its design…and it is. Visually it’s nowhere near as strong as other shooters out there, but it does have a unique style to it and the glitch visual effects are impressive. It’s a decent shooter and can support up to 12 players, it’s also a steal at just under £6.

You can customise your bot with skills and passives and choose from a range of deadly weapons, including flame-throwers, lasers and rocket launchers. It may not have the level of customisation as modern shooters like COD or Battlefield, but this is a low-price indie game…so you can forgive that to a degree.
The game handles surprisingly well and it can be quite addictive at times, yet it probably won’t replace your favourite shooter. It does everything well, but does little to mix things up…they’ve played it a bit safe with the standard modes, it would have been more beneficial if they added some unique mode that other shooters don’t have. That’s not to say that it’s not worth picking up, it’s a bargain for the price tag and a worthy addition to your PS4 collection.

The Verdict

Broken Bots is a steal at it’s price. It handles well and provides a great competitive multiplayer experience that is highly addictive, even if it doesn’t add anything new to the genre…it does plenty to make an impact.

Score: 8.0