Xbox One Review: Goat Simulator: The Bundle

Three crazy Goat games in one bundle, but is it worth a go?

I reviewed the original Goat Simulator for Xbox One back in May last year, full link here:
The Bundle in question contains the original game, but also it’s two DLC add-ons which are a zombie survival/crafting mode known as GoatZ and a simulated MMO world. Just to be clear, it’s not a real MMO…just wandering NPCs and a fake text chat which is priceless as they constantly rip on their own game. The MMO world is a decent size and there are plenty of quests to take on, although the solution to a lot of them isn’t always clear…it’s still the glitchy mess that we are used to from the original, but that’s all part of the charm.
Quests can vary from killing a certain number of specific enemies or retrieving an item/character to a location. These can be obscure as you can imagine, but Coffee Stain have done a great job in actually giving it the MMO-look, they can’t be denied that. You even don’t have to be a goat, you can be a walking microwave if you wish. Yup, typical random madness over here.

The GoatZ Zombie simulator is also intriguing. You are a zombie goat that can start an outbreak by infecting the humans around you and try and survive for as long as you can by finding food, or be enabling mutators that make you invincible. You’ll also find a number of things to do like finding random collectables, completing quests like killing zombie goats or finding items and everything in between. You can also craft a number of weapons to use against the zombies, the trouble is finding the items and bringing them to a few choice locations to do so. It’s not the easiest thing to do, since you can only carry things with your super-long and unreliable tongue.

The Verdict

Putting all these 3 simulator experiences in one bundle is a great idea and one that makes a lot of sense. Goat Simulator is the most random, insane, glitchy game that I’ve ever come across and now it has 2 more add-ons that make it even more so. It’s a decent deal too, it won’t change your opinion of the game if you hate it…but for those who loved the glitchy randomness of the original will love the extra content.

Score: 7.0