PS4 Review: Hitman GO: Definitive Edition

The turn-based iOS/Android game hits the PS4…

When I first heard about Hitman GO, I was intrigued…but I never actually played it before. The premise is simple, you have dozens of diorama scenarios for Agent 47 to get through such as moving to kill a major target, or simply to make it to the end of the board, but each turn you make also moves the enemy pieces. So you need to plan your strategy carefully, learning the enemy moves and working out how to best proceed without being knocked out.
As a board game style of videogame, it works incredibly well. I’d love to see a physical copy of this and can see people making up their own strategies for both Agent 47 and the targets. 47 can also use items to distract enemies, making them change their usual paths…allowing 47 to slip past or take them out. Each level has side-objectives like getting zero kills, retrieving a briefcase or making it to the end in a certain number of moves. This allows for multiple attempts to get them all done, which isn’t always possible in just one go.
Each level is well thought out and even though the look is basic, it is very well detailed. You’d almost think it was a real board game just looking at it. Just having to learn the move pattern of each enemy to work out when best to move forward is great fun and rewarding when it all comes together. There are a number of them that are incredibly frustrating and may lead you to look up the solutions online or taking in-game hints, but doing the latter will void a trophy…luckily, the game warns you of this before you decide to either accept or decline the hint.

The Verdict

Hitman GO: Definitive Edition is a great strategy game, one that will please both fans of the franchise and of the genre. It’s a different take on the Hitman series, but a welcome one.

Score: 8.0