Xbox One Review: Cars 3: Driven to Win

Can Driven to Win break the movie tie-in curse?

Let’s face it, most games that come out alongside films are trash. They are rushed, glitched beyond belief and just a cheap cash-in. That’s what I was expecting when I received Cars 3 Driven to Win, but were my instincts right?

Actually, no. While it’s not going to win any awards for originality, Cars 3 is actually a competent videogame. It borrows heavily from Mario Kart’s style of play, with mixed in modes to pull off stunts across events as you try and work your way up the ladder.

The game isn’t particularly difficult, nor does it intend to contend with other racers by offering a competitive mode. It lacks online play, which is a shame and would have definitely made a difference in the overall score here.

Visually though, Cars 3 is actually a good looking game…sure, it won’t blow you away like Forza or even Mario Kart 8 will, but it’s still a lot better than I would have imagined. The controls are easy to get to grips with as well and is more accessible to the younger gamer. It’s definitely a game for the kids, there’s no dispute about that one.

The Verdict

At first glance, you’d think Driven to Win would be a cheap cash-in…but you’d be wrong. It doesn’t win points for being original or taking risks, but is still a competent and fun racer for the kids. Online play would have been nice but it’s not the end of the world, definitely one for the holidays.

Score: 7.5