Interview: Donna Burke

We welcome back “Sins of the Father” and Heaven’s Divide legend “Donna Burke for a catch-up Q+A…

First of all, thanks for joining us again.

Q) How has life been after MGS V?

Good thanks!

Q) Have you got round to finishing the game? question!

Q) Many (Myself included) loved your YouTube series with Stefanie Joosten (Quiet). Is there any hopes of more collaboration between you two?

Not at this stage..what with the height difference, the age difference, the cultural differences, the beauty differences…and now she lives in another country!

Q) Both you and Stefanie have sang Quiet’s Theme…which version do you prefer?

Er…I love the sound of my own voice! Wait…that came out wrong. Um…inner voice…outer voice…need for honesty versus public image….sigh…I’m not at liberty to say!

Q) What are you currently working on? Any music for a new game or an album?

Ganime is recording an album in August. All covers of my anime and game music over the last 20 years plus 2 original songs inspired by the characters of Angela and Claudia from Silent Hill. Fun fact- I did the performance capture for those characters. Ganime has upcoming gigs and exclusive events for a luxury hotel so am making sure my “Fly me to the Moon” is on point!

I’m working on getting fitter doing weight, cardio, pilates and Yamuna Ball training to get in shape for MG in Concerts. In Autumn in Tokyo I’m performing at another game related concert (yet to be announced) which will be fun.

Q) Are you ever going to come and do a concert in the UK?

Yes and other countries too!

Q) You must get lots of requests for cover songs to do from fans, I know I’ve tweeted you some in the past. Is there any you would love to do?

Calling to the Night is at the top of the list- it’s so achingly haunting and sad.

Q) I interviewed Stefanie a while back and she said she used to do quite bad cosplay before MGS V. Have you ever cosplayed? I can imagine you making a good “The Boss” or EVA from MGS 3…

Funny thing- I did my first cosplay on July 25th 2017- photo attached…it really is fun when you have a professional makeup artist and photographer.

Q) Finally, do you have a message to your fans and those looking into the music industry?

Thanks for following what I’s very nice of you to be interested! For those looking into the music industry…hmm…I have had side jobs to support me in my career…A lot of talented musicians, composers and performers have to teach, clean houses, wait tables to keep their dream alive. Being “discovered” is a fantasy that even if it came true…may be the worst thing that could happen to you. A close friend’s husband was a pop star in Europe from the age of 18-20…he has never recovered…still talks about those days as if it was yesterday…it spoiled him so be careful what you wish for! Maybe you are meant to be “discovered” in your 50s and 60s!

Thanks once again for your time and I hope we can do this again sometime.