XBLA Review: Blade Kitten

Should this kitty be put down?

Blade Kitten is a side-scrolling platformer in which you play as Kit, a human/kitten hybrid who goes through the levels hitting enemies with her blade. Kit can climb walls like a cat would, but how does it handle? The story is about as basic and forgettable as you could imagine. There’s a ton of cheesy dialogue that is almost painful to watch so I would suggest you turn down your TV as the voice acting is atrocious.

You’ll have to go through the game a few times to hunt down all the collectables and to beat the game in 90 minutes. Yes, the game is short if you look at it that way and I suppose it is…the bulk of the achievements require you to replay levels for extra money and kills to drag the game out more than it should do. Gameplay is a mixture of combat, platforming and puzzles that has a mixed result overall. Combat is handled with X and there are checkpoints aplenty, but enemies are mostly idiotic and don’t require much strategy. The game is pretty easy but Kit handles poorly and each level is not memorable in the slightest.

There are some moments that really shine like the boss battles and puzzles, but the rest of the game doesn’t leave a lasting impression and the story is not likely to hold your attention. Blade Kitten sadly feels very average, despite having great potential that is never truly unlocked. The game looks pretty but I did come across some framerate issues and the levels do lack a bit of polish. Music and voice-acting is poor, but you already knew that.

The Verdict

Blade Kitten looked set to be a great action platformer, but instead it falls into the pit of mediocrity. It has its moments, but there are far too few of them for me to suggest you give this a try.