DS Review: Pang: Magical Michael

That’s Magic!

Michael, an aspiring young magician, has failed an experiment – leading to dire consequences. Balloons have been dispersed, causing trouble to landmarks and cities all around the world. Now, Michael must travel the globe to destroy these balloons and clean up his mistake, before it’s too late.

I never played the original Pang, I guess it was before my time. But it’s a game that is very simple, burst the balloons and don’t let them hit you. I wish I could say there’s more to it than that, but that is it. Having said that, there are a ton of levels for you to do with different variants, each needing its own solution. The balloons split into other smaller ones that are harder to hit and avoid.

There are power up items that will aid you in your quest to beat the many levels and the game is split between the 2 screens of the DS. There are 40 levels in the Tour Mode and 99 levels in Panic Mode, so there’s plenty for you to do. You can also pit your scores against your friends locally and online via Nintendo WFC.

Pang: Magical Michael looks fairly basic but does the job well. Magical Michael makes a one-liner before each level that gets old quickly and the music is hit and miss. Personally I’d turn down the audio on this one, but some might enjoy the old style sound of the game.

The Verdict

Pang: Magical Michael is an addictive, yet simplistic game that will take you a while to fully beat. Trying to beat your friends highscores gives the game a nice competitive edge too. Overall it’s value for money, but some might not like just how simple the gameplay really is.