Wii U Review: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

The 2006 GC/Wii Adventure Returns…

2006 was a special year, not only did the Wii launch…but it came out with a brand new Zelda. I never actually got the Gamecube version, but I still own the original Wii version as part of my collection. Going through Twilight Princess HD was a bit odd for me as I didn’t realise that the GC and Wii versions are mirrored and TP HD is based off the Gamecube version. So I ended up playing through it mirrored to what I was used to. It almost felt like an entirely new game because of this.
Nintendo have clearly listened to the fans and have made a great number of changes to the game. For example, those “Tears of Light” that drove you mad trying to find? The number has been reduced from 16 to 12. GamePad play is also implemented, along with optional motion-control while in first-person, while extras like Miiverse stamps have been added and the new Ghost Lantern makes it easier to find Poes.

They’ve also made use of all the Zelda Amiibos. Those who pre-ordered the Limited Edition were able to get a special Wolf Link Amiibo that allows access to an extra dungeon called “Cave of Shadows” which is like the “Den of Trials” free DLC that came out for Tri-Force Heroes. The Wolf Amiibo can also replenish hearts, as can the Zelda and Sheik Amiibos, Link/Toon Link replenishes arrows Ganondorf’s Amiibo doesn’t help you…but instead raises the amount of damage you receive by double, if you use in Hero Mode (which is mirrored like the Wii version) you’ll receive 4x damage for that extra challenge.
They have also added in extra grass patches so it’s easier to get hold of Epona, so all in all…they’ve made some impressive changes instead of merely making a HD remake, they’ve perfected it. This is how a remastered game is meant to be done. It still looks damn impressive, even if it suffers the odd framerate issue…but that’s rare. If you loved the original, then you’ll absolutely adore the HD version. Hyrule looks stunning in HD and the updated character models are great. The cutscenes are amazing as they ever were, as is the epic soundtrack.

I know some aren’t fans of Twilight Princess, for whatever reason. Be it that Ganondorf is the main villain after all and not Zant, or they found the Twilight Realm dreary or the opening few hours slow, but I loved all those things. The epic battle between Link and Ganondorf remains one of my greatest gaming moments and who can deny just how adorable Midna is? And the relationship between her and Link is among the best out there.
Nearly 10 years later, I’d say that Twilight Princess has aged remarkably well…it’s dungeons may be on the easy side, but now they can be that more challenging with Hero Mode and the Ganondorf Amiibo at hand. Besides the main game, there are tons of Poes, Miiverse stamps and Golden Insects to collect, as well as the traditional Heart Pieces for extra health containers, all of which should take you a considerable amount of time to gather.

The Verdict

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is one of the best HD remastered games that I’ve come across. They’ve changed so much to make it more enjoyable than the original and the Amiibo compatibility makes it even more so, plus the Wolf Link Amiibo is meant to be used with Zelda Wii U in the near future so maybe it’s linked with Twilight Princess somehow…

Score: 9.5