PS4 Review: The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 1: In Too Deep

So begins the 3-part mini-series…

The Walking Dead’s very own Michonne gets her own 3-part series at last! I’ve been an avid viewer of the show and have been wanting to see more of Michonne’s back story, which Telltale have started to kindly deliver here. It doesn’t appear to cross-over to any of the other Walking Dead games so far, but you just never know if she will cross paths with any characters in the next 2 episodes…
“In Too Deep” focuses on Michonne and her group looking for boat repairs, only to be ambushed by two different groups, one who is stealing supplies and the other who want to bring them in for questioning. Michonne gets led to the community, which is on the water and then it starts getting interesting. Not everything is as it seems, although some of the community members are brutal in their ways…it’ll be interesting to see which direction they will go in.

Michonne herself isn’t fully sane at this point after losing her kids, we see a couple of flashback scenes and hallucinations that bring this into focus, it’s powerful stuff and brave of Telltale to tackle head-on. Personally, I think they’ve done the story justice. I’ve heard some complaints about a lack of walkers throughout the episode and while I agree, there is a great scene with walkers in the water that gave me shivers. I can just imagine that being the set-up for the second season of Fear the Walking Dead too..
While the first episode is a little on the short side, it does set up a convincing scenario for the remaining 2 episodes, the 2nd of which is actually out in just 2 weeks! I would have liked it to be a little longer, but overall it’s a great opener. Visually, the engine has come a long way and doesn’t have half as many slow downs as it used to, while the voice-acting is superb as always and the music is brilliant too.

The Verdict

Michonne and her group, plus her new companions are in a heap of trouble at the end of Episode 1. It’ll be interesting to see just what direction Telltale takes the story, but I for one cannot wait to see what the outcome is.

Score: 8.5