Wii U Review: NES Remix 2

12 more NES Remix games = a must have?

NES Remix 2 may seem a little steep, but personally I thought it was worth every penny. It remixes classic NES games like Super Mario Bros 2 & 3, Zelda II, Kid Icarus and Dr Mario to name a few and sets tough challenges like gathering a certain amount of coins in a set time limit or to make it to the end of a stage without getting hit.
Progressing in Remix 2 is still the same as in the first game; you complete the stages and get rated 1-3 stars depending on your performance, completing the stage and on your speed. Getting the majority of the stars is no small feat, but will unlock more remix stages that will test you as a gamer. Imagine playing Super Mario Bros 3 as 3 Mario’s at once, well now you can and it’s disorientating to say the least, but fun nonetheless.
There’s also an extra bonus to be found with Super Luigi Bros which is essentially Super Mario Bros played in reverse with Luigi, it’s a mind job playing the classic stages going left instead of right, but one that is a nice challenge. Now I’m not that good at some of the remix levels like Dr Mario and it doesn’t pull any punches, you will find it tricky…I can promise you that.

The interface is smooth and being able to see other people’s scores on Miiverse is a nice addition, it would have been nice to have 16 games again instead of 12 this time round, but maybe their saving more for a third NES Remix?

The Verdict

NES Remix 2 is a great package that is full of nostalgia while providing new challenges to veterans of the games included, it’s addictive as hell and a worthy addition to your Wii U collection. Let’s hope if there is a 3rd NES Remix that they include more games, but 12 is a decent amount for this second installment.