The perks of playing videogames in bed

Your favourite video game, a comfortable bed and maybe a couple of friends to start a multi-player gaming session. The perfect ingredients for almost every man’s idea of a perfect day.

They say playing videogames before bed does not help a good night’s sleep, but that doesn’t mean that completing a level of Call of Duty in the comfort of your own bed isn’t one of the best things you could do on a day-off.

Be comfortable and stay organised while playing your favourite videogame

If you are used to play videogames in bed, you might as well consider a couple of things to prevent your body from aching after a long gaming session, as investing in a good mattress is a good idea (not only for your videogame obsession). Choose a good-quality one, neither too bouncy or too sturdy.

Being a videogame hoarder can get a little bit messy, so adding some storage furniture to your bedroom can help you stay organised and keep your videogames all stored in one place instead of being scattered through the room. You can visit Bedstar’s website and browse through their bedroom furniture section, you’ll find a lot of good-quality chest of drawers as well as laundry boxes that can be used to store your games. Also, you might want to consider adding an ottoman to your bedroom furniture as a storage stool. If you’re worried about your bedroom looking too old-fashioned, don’t worry because it is not like a Tuffet at all and it can double as a box and as a stool. It’s practical and you can choose the style you prefer.

All your precious games, from Battlefield to Prince of Persia, from Final Fantasy to Mario Kart, will be neatly organised and easy to find in your collection.


Videogame nights with your friends

In the comfort of your cosy bedroom, aka videogame room, you could also host an exciting videogame night inviting your friends over to your house. Make a list of your favourite multi-player games, so that two or more of you can play simultaneously, and get ready for the gaming marathon.

As it’s going to be a long night, you want to make sure everyone can sit comfortably in your bedroom, so be prepared for that. If your bed is big enough and you haven’t invited a lot of friends, you could all sit there; just make sure your bed frame is sturdy enough – you might want to consider investing in a good one when choosing the right mattress. Otherwise, having an ottoman in your bedroom can also be a neat idea, not only to store your games as we said previously, but also to use it as a stool for your friends to sit on.