Wii Review: Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH

The Rubik’s Complex continues…

When I first got word that a Rubik’s game was coming out for WiiWare, I must admit…I was on the fence. I’m sure you’ve all tried playing with the traditional Rubik’s Cube that drove a generation mad. Will Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH do the same to the Wii Generation?
Besides having the traditional cube to solve, as well as variants of it. RUSH is made up of a very different style of cube puzzles than the one that the name is famous for. The object of the game is to direct blocks to exit points on a level by laying down switches, conveyor belts, teleports and so on. There are over 70 of these puzzles, so there’s plenty of value for money. You can pit your scores against others across the world via leaderboard support thanks to WFC.

You use the Wii Remote to point and click on the level to lay down the items to help you complete them. It feels very natural and while the puzzles are tough…none are harder than the classic cube itself. The best thing about the game though is its simplicity, despite being difficult…the idea itself is very basic, but it works and I think there’s room for these types of games in the industry. RUSH tends to work incredibly well, it’s addictive and fun to boot.
The price tag of 600 Points is nothing short of a bargain for the amount of puzzles and replay value that Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH offers. They could have easily charged 800 points and it still would have been cheap for what you get. For a WiiWare title, RUSH looks decent. Sure, it wont win any awards for best graphics…but it does a good job overall. Music is also fairly good.

The Verdict

Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH is a simple straightforward puzzle game that is accessible to almost everyone. While the puzzles won’t drive you as mad as the original cube, they still serve to make an enjoyable experience that is only available for WiiWare. For 600 Points, you can’t ask for anything better.