Wii Review: Guinness World Records The Videogame

Breaking world records in a videogame? Now I’ve heard it all.

Guinness World Records The Videogame offers players of all ages the opportunity not merely to observe and marvel at the most remarkable things in the world, but actually to participate in them. The Guinness World Records
Videogame features 40 amazing world records, based on real life world records ! It will take stamina and skills as you compete against friends, family and the world to break outrageous and crazy records in the only videogame ever to bring record breaking into your living room.

Guinness World Records the Videogame for Features

The first video game to bring the incredible world of record breaking to life and to your living room.

Exciting and easy to learn game-play that will have kids, parents and adults competing to break each others records.

Challenge your record breaking skills in up to 40 different record attempts to become the ultimate ‘record-breaker’

Compete with other record breakers online around the world to be the ‘Virtual Guinness World Record Holder’. Be the best and get listed in the actual book!

Ever since the Wii came out, all we’ve had are mini-game complications. Guinness World Records The Videogame is another but perhaps one of the more better ones that the console has had this year. There are a number of different events in which you play and attempt to beat the world record, everything from scoring high in an arcade blaster to shearing sheep, it’s a riot.
Ok maybe that last comment was written with a bit of sarcasm, but the rest of the mini-games are mostly good and make fine use of the Wii’s unique controls. Having said that, it would have been pretty easy to replicate this for the other consoles…so why only a Wii/DS exclusive? Maybe it wouldn’t sell as much on other systems…as they would expect online play and this doesn’t have it other than comparing scores on leaderboards.

It’s a shame really, it would have been good to compete with friends to get the record…some real competition to liven things up might have been just what the doctor ordered. Although you can play multiplayer with 4 people, which is a nice but obvious addition…if it didn’t have any multiplayer at all, it would have cost it a few more points.

The interface for finding the mini-games isn’t the most user-friendly. Essentially your character is on a revolving Earth and you try and find objects that you can select to access some of the mini-games, it’s a good idea on paper but poorly implemented. It would have been easier to just have a list pop up and let you choose the event you wish to play instead of running around looking for the right one. It’s problematic and quite annoying to say the least.
Load times are short and the game has average visuals, although they sadly don’t support 480p so they look quite jagged on a HDTV. They won’t blow you away and look like they belong more on the PS2 than on the Wii. Music in the background can be quite annoying, but I’m sure younger gamers won’t find it nearly as irritating.

The Verdict

Guinness World Records The Videogame is a great collection of Wii mini-games, yet it won’t surprise or impress you as much as you would imagine. The user-interface leaves a lot to be desired and some of the mini-games are hit and miss, but the controls are solid nonetheless. It’s not for everyone but those competitive players should find some fun with this.