VG-Reloaded Interview: Faceez (DSiWare)

We question the lead programmer of the creative photo application…

Please introduce yourself? And tell us about Neko and the team?

Hello, I’m Thierry Costa an I’m the Lead Programmer on Faceez over at Neko.

DSiWare is a relatively new handheld platform can you tell us about your experience in developing on the platform?

Developing on the DSi is actually very similar to our experiences on working with the classic DS. The fantastic thing with Nintendo’s new handheld is that is has camera functionality, much more memory capacity and a much faster processor. Without these we would have never been able to develop Faceez. For instance when using Faceez the DSi allows you to create, collect and save up to 20 pictures and 100 different Faceez that would have been simply impossible with cartridge support.

How long has Faceez been in development?

So from conception to finishing development has taken just over 4 months. In the early stages we thought hard and long about the best way to push the camera technology and how we could then manipulate photos. We found that the best way was to recognize specific facial areas such as the eyes, mouth and nose. We then focused our efforts on how we could mix pictures…with all of the crazy and funny functionalities of Faceez. Our other challenge was to spring your photos to with the Faceez animation that would make photos move about in many different ways.

Why should everyone be excited about Faceez?

Faceez offers an amazing photo creation studio. After capturing your photos you can stage you friends in ludicrous situations and share the results with them! With Faceez the options are really limitless.

What does Faceez offer that Nintendo’s free photo application does not?

Yes Faceez is very different from Nintendo’s application. For example one of the big differences is that we offer users the option to fully animate their photos.

Please tell us how you use the software? How simple is it to create an animation?

When using Faceez the user does not technically animate in Faceez. Faceez provides a full range of animations that predefine each part of the body and face (arms, legs, eyes, mouth, etc..).
Each body and facial animation is completely independent from others so you can create endless personalised animations. Just with a first short play, we you can create hilarious results!!!

To receive animations do your friends also need a copy of Faceez

Unfortunately due to hardware limitations you cannot actually share animations. On the other hand, Faceez offers you the possibility to save all your creations in your DSi photo album. You can then send these your friends who have a DSi or add then Facebook. If you decide to send these creations to other DSi owners they do not need to own a copy of Faceez to access them.

Can you tell us which social networks will be compatible with Faceez?

Facebook !The pictures could be published on FaceBook via the menu of the DSi photo album.

What next for Neko? Can you tell us about any future projects?

To stay on DSiware our next title we have scheduled is Maestro Green Groove with Pastagames and Dodogo with Alien after all. We will of course continue to work on others consoles and platforms…but we have no release plans for the next few months. 😉