Updated Preview: WWE Legends of Wrestlemania (Xbox 360)

This is an updated preview for WWE Legends of Wrestlemania.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see that I spent a cool 4 hours with a preview build on Thursday. The last time I looked at it, it lacked many modes and wrestlers and so I hoped to see that it had come a long way since. I’m pleased to say that it has and it’s looking quite good.

The build I got to see was more or less final, so there wasn’t anything missing. Exhibition Mode now has 11 match types which are a nice mixture. The other game modes include Legend Killer which sees your created wrestler take on the best of the oldies. I got to play much more of the Tour Mode which includes 3 modes. Relive, Rewrite, Redefine. Each of which is just brilliant. They have the original footage of the build up and the fight itself, and then you can either do exactly that or change history by winning with the loser of that fight. Redefine lets you take either side of the fight, but change the rules of it. So a standard match might become a cage fight instead, which mixes things up nicely.
As I mentioned before, you can create your own fighter, his entrance, tag team and move set. The level of customisation in WWE Legends of Wrestlemania is simply astonishing. I personally made a Santa so big and fat that he was twice the size of any wrestler and took up half the screen, yet the game balances it out nicely so he can be toppled. But it was funny nonetheless. There are other options like tweaks to the body and clothing items that are purely random; fans will be pretty pleased with the amount of options at their disposal. Your Legend starts out pretty weak but earns XP from the fights to get stronger.

With the created wrestler, you can choose 4 signs for people to hold up for him. There are a total of 23 signs to choose from, but it’d be nice if you could design and upload your own. Hopefully an option like that might become available as DLC, but I seriously doubt it.
I took a quick peek at the achievement list and can confirm that there are 19 of them to get. Some of them look fairly easy, while others may took you a while to get. There’s also a lovely option for owners of Smackdown vs. RAW 2009 to import their fighters to WWE Legends, so you can mix today’s wrestlers with the old and even your created ones from RAW 2009. It’s a great addition that fans will love when the game finally comes out, which is very soon indeed.

Last time, I said that fighting has become more mainstream and appealing to the casual gamer. That hasn’t changed, but it has developed some depth like holding down the buttons for a more powerful attack and frequent quicktime events to pull off a reversal. The more refined controls turn Legends into more of a button basher, which in my opinion is a good thing.

While I still await review code, I must say I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it. I’m not a fan of the genre, but played the game for four hours without being the slightest bit bored and with online modes to play on top, I’m anticipating it coming through the mailbox. Expect the full review soon!

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  1. when you create superstars like razor ramon and demolition, how do you import there clothes,move-sets, and entrances

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