PSVR Review: Operation Warcade

I love the smell of VR in the morning…

Operation Warcade is a shooter specifically designed for virtual reality, inspired by the late ’80s classic war arcade that now uses the latest technology to convert it into a unique experience.

Operation Warcade is an on-rails VR shooter that first of all begins in a typical Arcade and you need to choose between two arcade cabinets, each offering a unique experience of Operation Warcade. One is more close-up for a modern feel, while the other makes the game zoom out miles for a more classic arcade unit feel. Despite which version you play, you’ll experience the odd first-person section if you shoot a specific target and this will continue till you finish that section, then you’ll be back in your helicopter shooting everything in sight.

There are objectives and medals to earn, so there’s incentive to return but as with most shooters like this, the game becomes repetitive quickly and is best played in short bursts. It doesn’t help that the visuals are fairly bad too, even laughably so. I get that they are going for a classic arcade look and feel, but it still could have been much better than this. The sound effects are also dated, but that’s to be expected.

The Verdict

Operation Warcade is a competent on-rails shooter for PSVR, but it’s best played in short bursts to avoid becoming tedious. Sharper visuals would have been nice, but other than that it does have a nice 80s vibe to it that may make it worth a look.

Score: 7.0