PSVR Review: I’m Hungry

Is this VR game a 5 star meal or a bargain bucket?

I’m Hungry is a PSVR game in which you work in a food truck, serving meals like burgers, fries, ice cream and drinks for your customers. You’ll also have to make sure you put the right things in the meal, so you need to pay attention to whether they wanted a sauce in their burger or not. It’s simple, but fun.

The problem is that after you’ve played one level, you’ve seen all there is to the entire game. There isn’t much in terms of rewards and it becomes a bit of an endless grind towards the end. The PSVR element itself works well though and serving the food is fun at first, but it does lose it’s fun factor very quickly. The visuals are fairly decent, although the character models for the customers look slightly like creepy wax models.

The Verdict

I’m Hungry will make you crave a burger or two, but the game itself is best played in short bursts for full enjoyment. It is fun, but it becomes repetitive quickly and there’s not much in terms of variety or rewards for your hard work.

Score: 6.0