PSP Review: Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo becomes isolated on the PSP…

The Gran Turismo series is the granddaddy of racing sims and while other franchises seem to be overtaking it in terms of content and features, it will remain the game that started it all. The series finally lands on the PSP but with mixed results…
The game does manage to have a lot of content for a UMD or download. There are more than 800 vehicle models from the world’s top manufacturers (over 4,500 total paint variations) and more than 30 tracks (60+ total layouts), including famous world circuits, city courses and other environments. The problem is that there is no online support and you can only share vehicles over adhoc. There’s also no career mode, all you can do in single player is races and time trials but with no other purpose than to earn cash for more cars.

The GT formula is still intact, but it feels shallow in comparison with its past games and rivals. I just do not understand the lack of online support…even Mario Kart on the DS managed to get online, so there really is NO excuse. All in all, GT on the PSP feels dated…there’s no damage done to vehicle either. It does feel like the classic games we’ve grown up with, but the formula is starting to show its age. It would have benefited hugely from something unique, but it’s not to be found.
The main problem is that Gran Turismo feels isolated due to the lack of online. It just baffles me, especially considering Motorstorm Arctic Edge does online. It does however have a lot to do with the 100 challenges, tracks and vehicles to unlock. It’s just a shame none of it can be shared with your friends. The visuals are pretty strong for a PSP game, it runs at 60fps and the cars are detailed nicely. I did notice some odd moments with white pixels flashing on parts of the track, but other than that it’s all good. The lack of damage done to cars really bugs me, why don’t they allow it? The music is understated, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The Verdict

Gran Turismo on the PSP fails to deliver past its rivals and older siblings. It does have a lot of content, but the lack of a proper career mode, online support and damage really hurts the game as a whole. All I can say is that GT5 really needs to be something special.