PS5 Review: Killer Frequency

Don’t touch that dial now…

It’s a late night at KFAM radio station in Gallows Creek, mid-west USA. You can feel something’s in the air. You’ve just started your shift and someone calls in with a horrifying discovery. The next turn of events will be life-changing Become a radio DJ in this 80s slasher shredded adventure that’s certainly not child’s play. As summer turns to fall and the countdown to Halloween continues, will this be a silent night, deadly night? Or will the airwaves scream? Killer Frequency is a first-person horror adventure that puts you in the shoes of Forrest Nash, a late-night radio host whose callers are being stalked by a mysterious killer. Solve puzzles, save lives and run the switchboards, all while listening to a jukebox of retro ’80s tunes!

Killer Frequency is a blend of first-person horror and puzzles with a sweet 80s vibe. You play as Forrest Nash, radio host of a midnight radio show in the small town of Gallows Creek. Before this however, you play as a different character in what acts out as the tutorial for the controls before being confronted by a man in a mask and murdered. Nash gets a call from the 911 operator saying they found the body, who happens to be the Sheriff…

Forrest essentially takes over 911 calls while the operator flees to the nearest town for help, which happens to be a few hours away. You will get calls from people who are being hunted by the same killer who goes by the name “The Whistling Man” and advise them on what to do to survive. These can vary from how to hotwire a car or how to distract the killer while the victim hides and so on…

Around the station, you’ll find clues to help the callers either by stumbling across maps, manuals or even getting faxed. It’s still a radio show though so you’ll have to play tunes and commercials in-between searching for clues and you only get to access small sections of the station at first until your radio producer slips you the relevant key to wherever you need to go next.

The solutions to saving everyone are quite clever and you will need to do some sleuthing to pull it off. The story itself is well told and there’s also a good level of comedy here too with some funny callers, especially one who keeps calling to promote his pizza business. You can choose to save everyone or you can also be incredibly mean and have everyone killed by giving bad advice, which will net you two different trophies respectively. Also, Forrest can make deadpan jokes when someone gets killed…which is probably the most inappropriate and hilarious thing I’ve done in a game for quite some time.

The visuals are decent and they’ve definitely nailed the look and feel of the 80s within the station. The music tracks are also pretty good, while the voice-acting is the real star of the show with brilliant performances all round. The whole vibe of the game made me think I was playing something by Wes Craven, it definitely had Scream vibes at times. I cannot understate how much I enjoyed this game from start to finish, I’ve already got the Platinum trophy for the PS5 version and chances are, I will do the same for the PS4.

The Verdict

Killer Frequency is a superb game with it’s witty dialogue, great story, clever puzzles and classic 80s vibes. I can’t recommend it enough and I really hope we get a sequel of some kind in the near future.

Score: 9.0