PS5 Review: Kao the Kangaroo: Oh! Well

A Halloween themed DLC for Kao? Oh well indeed…

Dubbed “Oh! Well”, the new content includes five new playable Eternal Wells to conquer and five scary skins to unlock, all serving as the perfect way to give yourself a scare just in time for Halloween. The new DLC will charge players with guiding the marvellous marsupial Kao through new challenges designed to test his skills to the max, all whilst looking the part thanks to five new outfits to unlock, tailor-made to strike fear into the hearts of Kao’s enemies, not to mention his friends and family! Newcomers can also pick up a Kao the Kangaroo “A Well Good Bundle” that includes the full game and all of the DLC released so far, all in one handy package.

I reviewed Kao The Kangaroo for PS5 back in June and enjoyed my time with it from start to finish. It was a nice throwback to classic platformers like Crash or Banjo, but it did have a few buggy moments that held it back from a 9. A number of these bugs have now been fixed and while it still has a few hiccups, the overall performance has improved since launch. There’s now even a Yooka-Laylee crossover in the form of a Yooka costume for Kao to wear. But now for the first (hopefully not the last) DLC for the game.

Oh! Well comes with 5 new Eternal Wells to play that are naturally Halloween themed and while there are no new trophies added for your trouble (Boo indeed!) you can unlock 5 new Halloween costumes for Kao to don by completing the new challenges. The Eternal Wells levels from the original game were already some of the hardest parts of the game, but the DLC increased the difficulty to make them spookily tough and yet, they are some of the best of the bunch.

The DLC costs £5.79 or you can get the original game with the DLC bundled for £28.99, but like I said there’s no additional trophies for the DLC so it’s purely if you really want to earn from spooky costumes by completing the toughest Eternal Wells levels to date.

The Verdict

The Oh! Well DLC has some nice content and a good excuse to return to Kao after a few months away, but despite it’s difficulty…it’s still brief and the lack of extra trophies for the DLC does sting a bit. Still, definitely worth picking up if you are after an extra challenge.

Score: 6.5