PS5 Review: HAWKED

Should you watch this one like a hawk?

HAWKED is an online Extraction Shooter full of daring adventures, boundless exploration, and all-out PvPvE action in pursuit of ancient treasures. Play for free today!

HAWKED is a free-to-play game where you and a group can raid temples for treasure, then head for the extraction point. You’ll have to overcome NPC enemies to gather the glyph combination for the “Treasury” which is different each time. You can play solo or a group of two or three players, while others will drop in to also try and steal the loot before you. So essentially, it’s a race for the treasure from the start.

The in-game microtransactions do tend to give you a boost, but only marginally. Personally, I think if you’ve got the skills then you can pull off a decent heist without needing to cough up the dough. You can customise your character with different loadouts and different cosmetic styles to stand out. You’ll also unlock new powers with each successful treasure extraction.

Combat can be as simple as run-and-gun or you can take your time. Weapons are nice and varied, plus you can get around the island with a hoverboard and a hookshot. I can see the potential for the game, but it also feels like it’ll get old quick. There will be new content coming over the coming months/years and I hope it does well.

At first glance, you’d think the game was a new mode on Fortnite with its art style and controls, but it doesn’t quite have that level of precision or quality overall. The framerate is smooth and the load times and lag are minimal.

The Verdict

It’s hard to tell at this point if HAWKED has staying power. It has a good idea and it is fun to play a game or two, but I’m wondering about the longevity of the game. I hope new content mixes it up a bit, but for now I’m cautiously optimistic.

Score: 7.0