PS5/PS4 Review: Kid Ball Adventure

Should you get “bouncy bouncy” in this platformer?

Enter a fantasy world of bouncing balls and magic castles in Kid Ball Adventure, a 2D precision platformer where risk is balanced with great reward! Take control of Kid Ball as he pursues those who captured his love through treacherous castle dungeons. To guide Kid Ball to victory, you’ll need to overcome 100 challenging stages filled with traps and deadly enemies, bouncing over spikes and using booster cannons to your advantage! Locate the key and unlock the exit to move on to the next daunting chamber of hazards!

Kid Ball Adventure is about as obvious a name as to describe what it is as much as Ronseal’s “Does exactly what it says on the tin” slogan. You essentially play a ball who is constantly bouncing through each stage and make it to the exit or overcome enemies and bosses in this combination between constant bouncing and a Mario-type platformer.

Each room varies in difficulty and design, so overcoming them will take some practice but for the most part, the game is relatively easy, especially if you just want a quick Platinum trophy (or two if you download the PS4 version as well). The list does not even ask you to finish the game, only up to Level 20 and gather a number of gems along the way. Honestly, you can breeze through that in roughly 5-10 minutes if you want to seize it that easily.

The art style is simple but cute, while the soundtrack and effects are retro inspired and also quite charming in a minimalist way. There doesn’t seem to be any glitches that I experienced and the game handles competently throughout and in terms of controlling Kid Ball, he handles very well overall.

The Verdict

A simple but fun game, Kid Ball Adventure will give you a nice level of entertainment and failing that, potentially two very easy Platinum trophies and for under £4, you cannot complain at either.

Score: 7.0