PS5/PS4 Review: Go! Go! PogoGirl

Does this platformer bounce to new heights?

Jump on your pogo stick and bounce, bounce, bounce! Go! Go! PogoGirl is a dynamic, cute and wholesome platformer about a girl and her pogo stick. Bounce your way through the world, collect gems and then bounce some more!

If you can imagine a platformer where you are constantly bouncing and all you can do is move and twirl, then this is essentially what you get. Go! Go! PogoGirl is a 2D platformer where you can’t stop bouncing until you reach the end of the stage. The levels are your standard 2D platformer fair with enemies, spikes, hidden areas and so forth. It has a few boss fights that make you think twice about your next move, especially when you are constantly moving.

For Platinum trophy hunters, the game won’t take you too long to earn and you can also earn double if you play the PS4 version as well. It’s a relatively easy game and while it doesn’t do anything innovative, it is fun and a reminder that even a simpler platformer can still be enjoyable.

The visuals are nice and simple with its pixel design and it has nice retro music to boot. The game itself is incredibly cheap but worth every penny in my opinion. If you have a few quid spare then don’t let this slip by, it’s a bargain.

The Verdict

Go! Go! PogoGirl is a love letter to classic 90s platforming but adds a twist that you can’t stop bouncing along the way. It’s simple in its design but handles well and is just a joy to play from start to finish.

Score: 7.0