PS4 Review: YouTubers Life: OMG Edition

Can you become a famous YouTuber?

YouTuber Life OMG is a Sims-like game where you try and make it big as the next big YouTuber by having channels for either gaming, cooking or music and do what you have to in order to be relevant and keep the subscribers coming, all while trying to pay the bills and keep your character fed and well-rested. Sounds easy? You’d be wrong.

I’ve played each of the 3 different channels and the gaming channel is definitely the most interesting as you need to buy consoles/handhelds or just play PC games and make videos based on the gameplay. The interesting thing comes as you get popular, you get invited to events, get review copies delivered, attend conventions and as time goes on, the games become less relevant or newer consoles come out, so it’s finding the right balance to earn the most subscribers and views, which inevitably help towards the bills. The attention to detail on the consoles and handhelds is brilliant, even if they had to call them different things like PeeEssPee or Zii. The games are also mostly parodies of other games like Call of Fury, Half-Lie and so on.

Making the videos is simple enough as it’s more of a selection process involving cards that go best with the highlighted situation, while adding profanity or copyrighted material will have negative impacts like not being able to monetize the videos. After the recording, you simply select sections and add effects to them and hit publish. Eventually, you’ll be able to skip the card process so you can make videos quicker.

The game itself is glitchy at times, resulting in either not being able to attend events or your character getting stuck and sometimes being unplayable until you relaunch the game. Selling old consoles is also cumbersome as you need to have the actual console out ready to record a game before you can sell it, while with games you can just go to your shelves and sell them directly.

There’s definitely a balancing issue with how much money you can earn and how much things cost, including rent and hiring collaborators. In the end, it does seem inevitable that I’d go bankrupt if I moved to the next type of house.

Visually, the game looks like a mixture of Mii and Sims while having an interface quite similar to Sims. It runs mostly fine, but it does drop its framerate at times and there are some buggy animations and so on. Hopefully it can be refined more with patching, but we’ll have to wait and see on that.

The Verdict

YouTubers Life OMG Edition is a nice simulation of becoming a big YouTube Star. However, its balancing issues, bugs and glitches hold it back from being a must-have simulator. Shame really as the idea is a solid one, it just needs tweaking to make it YouTube material.

Score: 7.0