PS4 Review: Battlefield V

Can Battlefield V beat Black Ops 4 on the beaches?

Enter mankind’s greatest conflict with Battlefield V as the series goes back to its roots with a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2. Lead your squad to victory with new ways to turn the battlefield to your advantage. Assemble your Company of customized soldiers, weapons, and vehicles then take them on an epic journey through the Tides of War. Experience the most intense, immersive Battlefield yet. You will never be the same.

Battlefield 1 was a big leap forward for the series, in my opinion. Bringing the horrors of World War One to life was risky, but it worked and worked well. The next game fast-forwards to WW2 in the form of Battlefield V, but does it work as well? Yes and no, while the campaign is definitely the highlight of the game and is a bit of a dig at Black Ops 4’s complete lack of one, the multiplayer itself isn’t quite as refined as the one we saw in Battlefield 1.

DICE and EA had more than their fair share of controversy last year with the Star Wars Battlefront 2 saga, which ultimately ended up overshadowing the game itself. It seems that they’ve learned their lessons this time and have so far done away with those forsaken loot crates, wherever they will surface down the line is anyone’s guess knowing EA, but I hope for their sake that they’ve really learned not to include them.

As far as a shooter goes, Battlefield V ticks most of the boxes and yet, it doesn’t tread any new ground, nor does it wow us in the same way as Battlefield 1 did, which is unfortunate. Personally I think that the game could have done with a few more months in development, but I know that “November-December” window is the best time to get your games out, look at the competition and it’s clear why the game was released. I think a few months down the line with the help of patches, updates and DLC, Battlefield V has some real potential…but at this current state, it feels like a good shooter instead of a great one.

Visually though, the game looks stunning in 4K and pushes the hardware far. The maps are nicely designed and character models are detailed well, while the soundtrack is well done and the voice-acting is decent too.

The Verdict

Battlefield V may not have the same level of polish as Battlefield 1, but it has potential to get there over the coming months. It’s a good shooter, but it could be so much more and I think it’ll make it there half-way through 2019.

Score: 8.5