PS4 Review: The Walking Dead – A New Frontier: Episode 5 – From the Gallows

Can Javi save everyone under impossible odds?

After Kate crashed the vehicle into a wall and it exploded, my heart sank. I had just got Javi to confess his feelings for her, even if it is his brother’s wife. Luckily and somewhat unexplained, she wasn’t in the truck when it blew up and it’s not long before everyone is reunited to work out how to deal with the walkers and liberate Prescott.

Before all that however, is another flashback scene where Javi and David are playing dominoes and discover their father has cancer, it’s a touching moment and one where the old man tries to play peacemaker between the brothers. Ultimately, it’s your choice as a player whether you embrace your father’s advice or not…but it’s a good scene regardless of your decision.

The remaining members decide to acquire a bulldozer to wipe out the walkers, while David is finally starting to suspect the closeness between Javi and Kate…which doesn’t go down to well towards the end. You will simply have to decide to go after David who has taken his son Gabe and driven off or to stick it in Richmond with Kate and Clementine. I won’t say exactly what happens, but this choice is one that will potentially bite you in the behind.

There isn’t as much action in this episode, which is a good thing ultimately as it works on character development for the finale instead. Something that has always been the series’ strong point and while A New Frontier doesn’t have the same impact as the original season, it still does well to make an impact of it’s own. It also sets things up for a 4th season, even if it might be a long time before we get it…it’s good to know that Telltale aren’t done with The Walking Dead just yet.

The Verdict

A New Frontier comes to a close in this emotional charged finale. The choices you make will come to haunt you one way or another, while settings things up for the next season. Don’t keep us waiting years now Telltale…

Score: 8.5