PS4 Review: The Last of Us Remastered

Can the PS3’s swansong be the PS4’s saviour?

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It’s been little over a year and we already have a “Remastered” version of The Last of Us. Ports and remakes seem to be all the rage with the new consoles at the moment, but it does give gamers a good opportunity to experience the games for the first time or a second time around with an enhanced version that is superior to the original. But can TLOU pull this off after such a short time?
The story follows Joel and Ellie, a duo brought together by circumstance that go across America trying to find a group called the Fireflies. Ellie is immune to the virus that has spread across the globe, turning most of the population into zombie-like husks, while bandits still roam the streets attacking anyone who comes near. You’ll face some brutal reality while playing, some hard to see moments and incredibly emotional moments that make you want to get Ellie nice and safe.

The story is definitely the star of the game, the gameplay itself is also impressive with stealth mechanics, realistic shooting and tough AI that will flank you if you’re not careful and melee combat to boost. There are the odd puzzle areas which usually result in turning on a generator or carrying a ladder from one area to the other to cross, it’s nothing to taxing and if something does stump you then the game offers hints with the L3 button.

The game has been remade from the ground up in the Remastered version. It looks stunning at 1080p, 60fps or you can lock it at 30fps if you wish. It also comes with all of the DLC including all the multiplayer maps and modes, as well as the prequel story DLC “Left Behind” which is also superbly well done and makes me want more of the story. There are dozens of collectables scattered in the story modes, as well as multiple difficulties to attempt. Just be warned, it’s no walk in the park…even on the easiest setting you will die numerous times if you’re not careful.
Multiplayer is as fun as it was before, although it’s hard to recommend going through again if you already did it before…unless you’re desperate for that Platinum trophy. Overall though, the maps are greatly improved visually and it runs a hell of a lot smoother than it did on PS3, which sums up the game as a whole.

Voice-acting is superb with truly believable dialogue and is more believable with more realistic character models and facial expressions. It truly is a visual masterpiece and pushes the PS4 pretty hard, weighing in at a 50GB install…so make sure you have the room before playing!

The Verdict

The Last of Us Remastered is a brilliant remake of an already excellent game; did it deserve a remake so soon? It’s questionable, but the results are not. It’s stunning, it still retains all of the gritty emotion of the original but it looks and even handles a lot better. Simply put, the PS3’s best game is now the PS4’s best game and one you cannot deny yourself.