PS4 Review: Tearaway Unfolded

An expanded remake of the Vita classic, but is it any better?

I actually missed out on Tearaway as I didn’t have a Vita at the time it came out, so I was pleased to hear it was getting a PS4 version. Tearaway Unfolded has built the original from the ground up into a 1080p, 60fps outing with multiple ways to play. You can use the companion app to create items to use in the game, while the touch-screen controls of the Vita version have been changed and mapped to the DualShock 4’s touch pad.
For those new to Tearaway, essentially you star as a messenger who has to deliver a letter through a portal that has opened in the sky, but your path is blocked by enemies known as “Scraps” made of old newspapers and you have to navigate your way through them in a number of clever ways, while coming across many unique and crazy characters in the world around you. You can definitely feel the MediaMolecule vibe as you play, it still has the classic LittleBigPlanet sense of humour throughout. Fun little fact – The voice of the Green Man is the voice of Daddy Pig from kids’ TV show “Peppa Pig”, I know this as my 2 year old boy constantly watches it.

The touchpad is used to create gusts of wind to swipe enemies away or blow down platforms for use. It can also be used to trace designs to use in the world, for example I was asked to draw a crown for an animal. The lightbar can be used to illuminate dark areas, as well as create additional platforms for traversing areas. The gyroscope of the DualShock can also be used to suspend, tilt, and turn platforms, making them possible for your character to traverse.
Each use of the DualShock 4 is well implemented and a great way to bring the game to the PS4, I’m sure bringing a unique game like the Vita version across was no small feat. But in doing so, I can’t help feeling that it may have lost a bit of it’s identity. The companion app for example is a neat idea, but not everyone has a tablet/smartphone that is capable of getting the most out of the game. Also I’m sure the original felt more personal in comparison. There’s also support for the PlayStation Camera, which has benefits to the experience…but those without one will feel they are missing out on a lot of content.

Visually, Tearaway Unfolded looks glorious in 1080p and 60fps. It is a very trippy looking game though, it’s even weirder looking than LBP or Katamari Damacy and that’s saying something. Voice-work is impressive and hilarious, while the soundtrack is also brilliant to listen to. It’s hard to fault the presentation on this one.

The Verdict

Tearaway Unfolded is a superb game in its own right, although it’s hard to recommend to those who played the original version. The new control methods are implemented well and the game itself looks amazing, but you’ll only get the most out of the game if you have a tablet/smartphone and a PlayStation Camera, which is a shame…but it doesn’t make the game itself any less accessible without it and is worth a place in your PS4 collecton.

Score: 9.0