PS4 Review: Star Wars Battlefront II

Can DICE’s latest overcome the controversy?

2015’s Star Wars Battlefront was a nice surprise, it was just a shame that it lacked a real campaign. So, I had high hopes for the sequel, that was until all the fallout from the microtransactions controversy that upset fans and newcomers alike. I was still looking forward to seeing if the game could rise above the controversy.

Unlike the original, Battlefront II comes complete with a full campaign. You play as Commander Iden Versio who fights for the Empire just as the second Death Star explodes above Endor and the death of the Emperor before continuing the mission to wipe out the resistance. Of course, it isn’t as simple as that and what unfolds is an interesting take on the story. The campaign itself is a mixed bag overall, but it’s impressive overall and worthy of the license.

Multiplayer comes with 5 modes, tons of playable characters, a nice number of maps and weapons to get your teeth into. The problem is that even classic characters like Darth Vader are locked until you earn enough credits to purchase them. You can earn credits through multiplayer matches and the campaign, but it will take a considerable amount of time to unlock them all.

Add in to the fact that those who bought the expensive version of the game didn’t even get Vader or that you can buy the characters outright for a considerable amount, it’s frankly a mess and one that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. DICE have lowered the amount that characters cost in credits, but it’s still hardly fair.

It’s a shame really since the multiplayer is a blast. The modes are nice and varied, the weapons are fairly balanced and the scale of the battlefield is immense. The maps look incredible and the whole game looks stunning in 4K with HDR. It runs at a steady framerate and the classic Star Wars characters are nicely detailed.

The Verdict

Battlefront II adds a decent campaign, but also adds unnecessary controversy in the form of microtransactions and locked characters. Hopefully DICE will keep evaluating feedback and make more changes, but if you can look past all that then you’ll find a highly enjoyable shooter that makes good use of the license. I just hope they can somehow make it right for the fans in the long run.

Score: 8.0