PS4 Review: L.A. Noire

Is this remake worth another visit to the City of Angels?

Just over 6 years ago, a little game called L.A. Noire came out and while it has since divided opinion and we’ve had the amazing GTA V since then, I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time and was looking forward to this remake, especially running in 4K HDR. But has anything else changed in this remake?

The game is the complete version, including all DLC chapters. The game is the same as before, except for a few noticeable changes such as the interrogation system has had a slight overhaul from Truth, Lie or Doubt to Good Cop, Bad Cop or Accuse. Besides that, the main game remains the same as it was in 2011, just with added improvements to the visuals and the nice upgrade to 4K with HDR.

For those unfamiliar, the game follows up and coming police officer Cole Phelps who works his way up the divisions of the LAPD as he solves cases. Most cases involve going to a crime scene and looking over the evidence, questioning witnesses or suspects and sometimes a gun fight or chase will break out. Besides the main storyline, there are side cases and collectibles to gather.

If you weren’t a fan of L.A. Noire back in 2011, there isn’t much here that will sway you and besides a new trophy list and updated visuals, there isn’t much to entice fans back. Having said that, the updated visuals are superb and the game runs smoothly at a solid framerate, plus the upgraded resolution makes LA shine that much brighter.

The Verdict

L.A. Noire may not be Rockstar’s best, at least compared to the likes of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption. However, it’s still a highly memorable and enjoyable experience that deserves to be played, regardless of what platform. But if you missed out on it back in 2011, this is the definitive version to pick up.

Score: 8.5