PS4 Review: Rogue Company

Can this objective-based shooter become the next big thing?

Rogue Company is a 4v4 objective-based shooter where you have to capture areas for points, but one mode will give your team limited lives while the other will make you wait till the next round if you are killed. The roster of characters each have their own unique perks and you can “buy” your ideal loadout between rounds before you deploy from the top of a plane to the arena, but just how does it handle?

The game handles like your typical third-person shooter, but is done well overall. Combat is swift and fun, though its hard to tell at this stage just how long this will last without new content. The game is being sold with different tier bundles that begin with £12 for the Starter Founders Pack, £25 for the Standard Founders Pack and £50 for the Ultimate Founders Pack, but how does it work?

Essentially the game is in Closed Beta and this allows access to it until the game becomes F2P at a later unconfirmed date, it also comes with outfits and in-game currency on different levels depending on what Founders Pack you purchase. It’s hard to say at this point if it is worth dropping £12-50 on a game that will be F2P eventually, but time will tell. Personally, I enjoyed what I’ve seen so far, but like I said it’s too early to tell if it’s worth coughing up for Early Access.

The Verdict

Rogue Company has some good ideas and handles really well, though it is limited in content right now. Time will tell if it was worth paying to play it early and if it will take off when it becomes F2P, but it’s definitely a decent competitive shooter. Hopefully it’ll increase content and become worthy of the other F2P games out there.

Score: 7.5