PS4 Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 4: Metamorphosis

Does Episode 4 end the series with a bang or a whimper?

At the end of Episode 3, I didn’t know what to make of the story. Alex Wesker or as Barry calls her in this episode “She-Wesker” let out a horrifying scream as Natalia simply refused to die after being choked by Alex. Why is Alex so obsessed with killing this seemingly innocent little girl? We finally get the answers we want in the episode, but it does leave a section of the story open and makes me wonder if we’ll get a Revelations 3 or as rumoured this week, Resident Evil 7 and perhaps, just perhaps that will play a vital role in its plot.
Claire and Moira’s episode is incredibly short this time round, I breezed through it in around 17 minutes…not a massive amount, but it does shed light on what happened to Alex to change her from a normal looking person to a disfigured monster who wants to kill a little girl, there is a tragic moment to be found at the end of Claire’s chapter, but you’ll have to wait and see if it truly ends that way.

Barry’s chapter takes you all the way through a creepy looking mansion that feels reminiscent of the Spencer Mansion. Overall it’s a much better chapter than in Episode 3 and luckily doesn’t have any Quarry-like puzzles (shudder) while maintaining the same types of enemies, including those infuriating invisible ones that can instantly kill you if they get too close. Oh how I hate them! The end comes with a boss that you would only expect after all this time and while it’s predictable, it’s still entertaining.
So how does the series hold up as a package? Personally I think it would have been better not to release it episodically, but luckily now you can get it all as one game if you’ve been holding out. As a whole, it’s been a great ride and I still have to go back to mop up other trophies, I would have liked an online co-op mode during the campaign, but overall it’s impressive and shows there’s still some life left in the franchise.

The Verdict

Episode 4 wraps everything up as you would hope, while leaving a little door open to expand on in future titles. Revelations 2 as a whole has been great and I can’t wait to see what they do next.