PS4 Review: Game of Thrones: Season 1: Episode 3 – The Sword in the Darkness

Dragons make their Telltale debut, Oh and so does the Purple Wedding…

Note: This review may contain spoilers for both the Telltale episodic series as well as the HBO show, so be warned!

If you’ve read the books or been watching the show, you’ll have a fair idea where in the timeline we are in Episode 3. The Purple Wedding is nearly here and we all know what that means…it’s time for the pie! Mira is trying everything to get King’s Landing to buy Ironwood, but Margaery isn’t happy that she’s been speaking with Tyrion and forbids her to again, I chose to defy the “future queen” for the sake of the Forresters, but all hope of that deal goes out the window with the events that unfold during the wedding.
Asher is now in Meereen and for the first time in the Telltale series, we come across the missing dragon, Drogon who Daenerys is interested in for obvious reasons, we only catch a quick glimpse of her towards the end of the episode but based on the trailer for Episode 4, we’ll be seeing more of Khaleesi.

Back at Ironrath, things are dire. The Whitehills have occupied the town and even the Forrester house itself, Rodrik is left with a choice to bend the knee to the fourthborn Whitehill or be determined not to yield to his rule. I stood my ground to Gryyf and the results were amusing to say the least as it completely showed him up in front of his troops.

At the Wall, it couldn’t get any worse for poor Gared as the man who murdered his family, Britt Whitehill shows up to take the Black. Not only that but we also find out that a fellow Brother is actually a Wildling from the North, do you decide to keep it a secret in the hope he can lead you to the North Grove? Or do you rat him out? I personally kept it hidden, while things between Gared and Britt get messy and you can choose to spare him or kill him in a number of ways, I kicked him right off the Wall for which I expect some severe consequences…but I was provoked as you will be when you play, you just have to decide what course of action is right for you.
It’s a shorter episode than the previous ones, but luckily the wait hasn’t been that long since Episode 2. I’m hoping Episode 4 won’t take too long to drop either, I want to see what happens with my choices and if Telltale are planning any more devastating deaths, no-one is safe it seems. Time will tell just how much of an impact I make on Westeros, but I think it’ll make quite a difference to the Forresters…that’s for sure.

Visually, Episode 3 looks just as good as the rest of the episodes so far. Daenerys ‘character model is incredibly accurate and detailed superbly, while we see other regular characters like Tyrion, Margaery, Jon Snow and Cersei. It’s a shame we didn’t actually get to see a cutscene with Joffrey before the Purple Wedding, but it’s not the biggest loss. Voice-acting is brilliant throughout and Emilia Clarke reprises her role as the Mother of Dragons as professionally as in the show.

The Verdict

Episode 3 steps up the series a considerable notch, with tough decisions to be made and the course of Westeros’ future changed forever by the Purple Wedding, it’ll be interesting to see what implications it has on any past decisions made and where the story goes from here.