PS4 Review: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Banned Footage Vol.1 DLC

The first DLC for RE7 is deadly…

Banned Footage Vol. 1 is the first DLC pack for Resident Evil 7. It contains a mode where you are trapped in the basement and must survive till the morning, while scavenging for resources to get ammo, weapons and upgrades…while holding back tons of Molded as well as members of the Baker family. It’s no walk in the park, there’s also a tougher difficulty to get stuck into…it’s great fun to see if you can make it, but damn it’s far from easy.

The second piece is a short story where you are tied to a bed and fed disgusting food by Marguerite Baker who keeps checking on you, while leaving for a bit…giving you time to break free of the bed and try and solve the puzzle to get out, but you have to make sure you put everything back as you found it before she comes back…or she’ll stab you to death, making sure you’ve not left anything is tough and it took me a few good tries.

The room is small, but hides a lot of secrets and uncovering them all to break free of the room is challenging, but rewarding. It was great and I have to go back to try and find 3 dead rats that are hidden. But the hardest DLC is the final piece known purely as “Ethan Must Die”.Charming…

Ethan Must Die is essentially a tougher, but more condensed and remixed version of the campaign. You begin with only the knife, but can get more weapons throughout…while rigged loot crates will kill you instantly with the explosion. It’s brutal and definitely more unpredictable, giving all the more reason to dive in.

The Verdict

Banned Footage Vol.1 is a nice addition to the already brilliant RE 7. Nightmare and Ethan Must Die offer real challenging times for players, while Bedroom offers an intense and against-the-clock experience, but also one of memory. It’s a great first piece of DLC and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Score: 8.5