PS4 Review: Minecraft Story Mode Season Two – Episode 5: Above and Beyond

Can Jesse stop the Admin once and for all?

Minecraft Story Mode Season Two’s penultimate episode set us up for the final showdown between Jesse and the Admin as he and his friends sneak back into Beacontown to dethrone him in his Jesse doppelganger disguise. The answer comes in the form of a code word #Potato451 that will take away his powers forever, but it has to be entered in a server room floating above Beacontown. It’s tough to see the townsfolk so oblivious to the fact that the Admin is posing as Jesse, especially with him locking up anyone who opposes his rule.

After finding a way to the server room and inputting the codeword, you’re given yet another gauntlet which will smack the power out of the Admin, but can he be saved or is he is too far gone for redemption? Well, that’s really for you to decide towards the end and it is a tough decision to make‚Ķespecially after all the damage he has caused, should be given a second chance to rebuild what he has destroyed or should he be left to rot in the decaying ruins above Beacontown?

I honestly don’t know if we’ll get a third season of Minecraft Story Mode and it’s quite clear that Telltale don’t, so they’ve given Jesse a number of options for his ending and they are quite varied, so we’ll have to wait and see if they can follow up on all of them, plus see if the Admin/Romeo makes a return for those who do give him that second chance.

All in all, the second season has easily surpassed the first. It’s wittier, there’s better dialogue, more humour, but also the Admin storyline has been really interesting. Personally, I hope we do get a third season just to see what happens next. Visually, the episode is as strong as the past entries and the voice-acting is just as good, while the dialogue ups the ante for the finale.

The Verdict

Episode 5 brings us a gripping climax to the second season, while giving us the choice to pick what’s next for Jesse…which hopefully we’ll see somehow in a potential third season. The season on the whole has been so much better than the first and hopefully there’s more to come.

Score: 9.0