PS4 Review: Minecraft Story Mode Season Two: Episode 4 – Below the Bedrock

Can Jesse and friends escape and save Beacontown?

The penultimate episode of Minecraft Story Mode’s second season sees Jesse and company delve further under the prison world that they were trapped in, along with their new companion Xara who was one of 3 Admins who created the worlds, before “The Admin” who was revealed to be called Romeo killed the third Admin “Fred” as they began to break away from him. We see the original creations that the Admins made below the surface and what has become of them in the absence of both Xara and Fred, which is destruction filled with a gigantic Endermen, legions of spiders and creepers.

Also, we know that the Admin has now taken the form of Jesse and is raving havoc on Beacontown, so time is of the essenceā€¦but getting back is no small matter. The portal to the surface world is broken and only Xara can fix it, but the team is also looking for a weapon that Fred created to stop Romeo once and for all, which was apparently left in his house. After arriving in his town and winning a contest to spend the night in it, Jesse discovers a clue that leads to the town of Romeosburg and a challenge awaits the team before discovering the original home of the Admins.

It’s quite sad to learn that Romeo was only trying to keep his friends together, while they wanted to leave and that’s what made him so bitter and twisted. It runs parallel with the Petra situation as she doesn’t want to lose her friends, but doesn’t want to stay put in Beacontown either but of course, she isn’t anywhere near as twisted as Romeo. The group find the “weapon” and after making yet another difficult choice, the group escape to the surface to see the state of Beacontown before the credits roll. There is a surprise cameo beforehand however, but I won’t spoil that.

The Verdict

Episode 4 builds up everything for an epic showdown between Jesse and the Admin “Romeo”, now armed with a weapon to take him down. But can he? Or can Romeo be saved from himself? I honestly don’t know, but I hope the wait isn’t too long…

Score: 9.0