PS4 Review: Minecraft Story Mode – Season 2: Episode 1 – Hero in Residence

Jesse and the gang are back for another adventure…

I was quite surprised to be getting a second season of Minecraft Story Mode so soon after the first, especially with other series’ not getting a second season such as Tales from the Borderlands and until last week I would have said The Wolf Among Us, but now that IS getting a second season for 2018! Thank the gods! So, what’s new for Jesse and co?

First of all, they’ve finished building their own town called Beacontown. The Order of the Stone, however, is all busy with different things, so they barely see each other anymore…Jesse makes his way to the caves to meet Petra but first can help around town. We’re also introduced to Jesse’s intern who he leaves in charge when he and Petra go to their rival town to recover Petra’s sword after she was scammed by the leader of the town.

However, before all that…Jesse finds a gauntlet that calls to him. Once on, he can’t take it off and a hole appears below Beacontown looking to consume it. Jesse and Petra cover it up and put up a warning sign, then after the quest for Petra’s sword try and find answers from a legendary treasure hunter.

The trip takes them to a Water Temple which gives them the right block to seal the hole for good but not before waking an entity known as the Admin. Basically, he’s the Minecraft God and has it in for Jesse. Chasing him through the temple and even when they’ve made it safely back to Beacontown, turns up there to terrorise him and the town. Can Jesse defeat a God? Only the next episode will have the answer…

Combat has taken a more in-depth role this time around, you can actually block and roll to the side of your enemy. Choices apparently do have major implications as the game pops up a message when you’ve done so. Time will tell just how these decisions will impact the end-game or next episode, but here’s hoping it’s good.

In terms of visuals, the episode seems to look a bit better and runs a bit smoother than Season One. The voice-acting is just as good as the first game, while the soundtrack is also pretty decent. Let’s hope they can keep up the performance throughout the season.

The Verdict

Episode 1 re-establishes our link with the characters while introducing a new threat to Beacontown and the Order of the Stone. It’s a great start to the season and let’s hope the wait for Episode 2 isn’t too long…

Score: 8.5