PS4 Review: Minecraft Story Mode – Episode 7: Access Denied

Enter the Minecraft…

After the Agatha Christie inspired Episode 6, the crew head back to the Portal Hallway and after seeing them attempting several other portals through a quick montage, they get fed up and randomly pick one that leads them to the location for Episode 7. Will it help them get home or will it be another wasted journey?
They find themselves in a world where all lifeforms are controlled by an AI called PAMA, who becomes increasingly interested in Jesse and his crew and wants to access the Portal Hallway to make other worlds “useful” like it has with this one. Naturally, you come across the creator of PAMA who was in hiding after it started controlling the population. She knows how to stop PAMA, but doing so is far from easy. You eventually get access to a VR headset that lets you control a creeper, but then switch to other ones as long as they are being controlled by the system.
It’s quite fun switching control of one lifeform to the next, all while being hunted by PAMA. The episode itself is a bit on the short side, but it does set things up for what will hopefully be a satisfying conclusion to the extended series. The story is great and PAMA has a quirky, sarcastic personality that keeps the episode strong till the end.

The Verdict

Access Denied may be short, but it’s yet another great entry in the Story Mode series. 2 out of 3 of the extended episodes have been superb, I wonder if the finale will make it a full house?

Score: 9.0