PS4 Review: Hitman Episode 6 – Hokkaido

The Season Finale is upon us, but does it end on a high?

Well, here we are…after 5 episodes and 1 bonus episode, comes the season finale of the first season of Hitman. We;ve travelled all over the world and killed numerous targets in dozens of ways, while uncovering the truth of the next target, who just happens to be Erich Soders, the man in charge of the ICA. At least he was, but a sudden health scare has forced him to take to emergency surgery for a heart transplant at a top clinic in Japan.
47 checks in as Tobias Reaper, a past alias from one of the older missions. As with past missions, the game lets you kill your targets in a number of different ways. I tackled this mission by sabotaging Soders’ new heart, meaning he’d die without it…effectively killing him without even laying a finger on him. A second target is also present and I chose to kill her by poisoning her with tainted blowfish from the sushi’s kitchen.
The medical facility is impressive and highly detailed, it looks even better on the new PS4 Pro…it looked so good that I had to go through older missions as well. It runs smoother and looks all the better as well. The finale ends on a cliffhanger that makes me wonder what direction the second season will go, will the ICA work with the other agency to take out the other assassin or will 47 and the assassin team up to take out the organisation? Both are possible, especially since it appears that both he and 47 go way back…

On the whole, the first season of Hitman has been a resounding success. When I first heard about the episodic nature of the game, I was skeptical to say the least. But IO have pulled it off without compromising quality. The story has been engrossing, while the gameplay has surpassed itself and more than made up for the slight hiccup that was Absolution.

The Verdict

The first season of Hitman ends on a high note with a quality mission, but also now has a great update for PS4 Pro…so more reasons to go through the game again and again as you earn the trophies. Season 2 will no doubt be just as great and fingers crossed it won’t take them too long to get the first chapter out.

Score: 9.0