PS4 Review: Destroy All Humans!

The PS2 classic hits the PS4…

Out of nowhere, the PS2 classic “Destroy All Humans” has landed for PS4. This is more of an upscaled version, complete with trophies…giving us all the more reason to play through Crypto’s original outing once again.
After the THQ collapse, we saw the company IP’s go to different companies, but the ones who took the most was Nordic Games who have now taken the THQ name. They’ve previously remastered Darksiders 2 for the current systems, while the remastered version of the original Darksiders is out later this month. I was always curious as to what Nordic would do with the Destroy All Humans and Red Faction IP’s. Both original games have been brought to PS4 as upscaled ports with trophy support, which is no bad thing.

The original game was a classic, although I actually played the original on the first Xbox. The game’s sequels weren’t so greatly received though, which was a shame. Perhaps THQ Nordic is simply testing the waters with this port, to see if anyone is still interested in the series before deciding to make a brand new adventure or potentially true remastered version? This is all speculative of course, but it has literally came out of nowhere.
The PS4 version handles great, running the original game in 1080p. Sure, it looks dated compared by today’s standards, but it’s still great fun and they’ve done a great job in making it run on the system. What’s even better is that the game still supports cheat codes, which you have to enable for at least one trophy. It reminds me of the classic cheat code era that is so lacking now, one that I miss greatly.

The Verdict

Destroy All Humans was a great game when it came out and it still is, perhaps time hasn’t been too kind to it visually…but the game is great fun regardless, plus earning trophies for an older game is always fun in my book. It may be a bit pricey at £15.99 for most, but it’s well worth it for a trip down memory lane…

Score: 8.5