PS4 Review: Hitman – Episode 5: Colorado

47 has 4 new targets to take out in his toughest mission yet…

Episode 5 sees Agent 47 head to an abandoned farm in Colorado that has been set up as a military base. You have 4 new targets to take out in what is without a doubt 47’s most difficult task to date. These targets can be taken out in various ways through “accidents”, being pushed in a mud pit to drown and a whole number of other ways before trying to access the farm’s hidden bunker by 3D printing a face of one of the targets and using the scanner in the basement.
Episode 4 left us with the idea that 47’s targets were linked and that the ICA has been compromised. Episode 5 continues that and reveals who is behind everything, while still leaving some mysteries around 47’s past as well as his future. It’s hard to tell where they are going for the season finale, but it’s looking pretty good.
The level is made hard because there’s no crowds to blend in with, other than guards and you need a uniform to do that. But as with past episodes, some will see through your disguise and suspicion leads to an all-out manhunt for you. It took me quite a while to get through this mission, but it did become easier afterwards thanks to the unlocks you earn from completing it once. So as with past episodes, you can get access to new starting locations, disguises and gadgets/weapons stashed to places, making following attempts a lot easier.

The ways that 47 can take out his targets becomes more dark with each episode, making me wonder how they can possibly top it. Chances are that our final mission in Japan will have some brutal ways to take out the potential targets.

The Verdict

Episode 5 brings us a much more action-paced, tougher mission to contend with. The farm itself is a nice setting and the challenge is more than enough for newcomers and veterans alike, one thing is for sure though…47 has got his work cut out for him. Roll on the finale!

Score: 9.0