PS4 Review: Hitman – Episode 4: Bangkok

47 heads to Bangkok to take out a rock star and his lawyer, what else did you expect?

After a lovely Summer Bonus Episode that was was non-canon, it’s back to business in Episode 4 which sees Agent 47 head to Bangkok. His target includes Jordan Cross who is the lead singer of a indie band called The Class who was acquitted of murdering his girlfriend, even though he was guilty. His father’s money helped the case go away, but the deceased’s parents have hired the agency to take him out as well as his lawyer Ken Morley, who helped clear him of the murder.
We begin our journey in the Himmapan luxury hotel and resort, situated on the Chao Phraya River outside Bangkok. As with the past episodes, there are multiple ways to reach your targets and dispose of them. These can vary from dressing up as the bug exterminator and make everyone gather in the atrium, only to gas that particular area…knocking out everyone, giving you the opportunity needed.

You can also become part of the entourage, get in the recording studio and swap the microphone for an old model that is prone to exploding at a certain frequency. There are a good number of ways to kill your targets and they are all pretty creative. I-O certainly isn’t resting on it’s laurels here, even if after 4 episodes it feels more routine than anything. I suppose replaying the past episodes over and over makes the latest entry feel like just another hit.
In a way, I suppose it is. There aren’t any surprises to be found in the episode, other than the always to be found epilogue cutscene which always poses more questions than answers. The episode itself is well crafted, but I did come across a glitch that made the game crash when I kept attempting to gas the atrium. I’m not entirely sure why that is, but as soon as I came close to the atrium itself the game just locked up and gave me the option to send an error report. It’s the first time that’s happened to me during my time with Hitman, but I can only hope it’s patched. Hopefully it won’t happen to you, but just be wary.

The Verdict

Episode 4 gives us some great new ways to kill our targets, while branching out the story more too. It may have lost it’s shock value after 4 episodes, but this is still an amazingly executed mission. I can’t wait to see who 47’s next target is…

Score: 8.5