PS4 Review: Get Even

Welcome to the PARTY…

Get Even is perhaps one of the strangest games I’ve played in a long while. It was due to come out a month or so ago, but it was delayed as a mark of respect to the victims of the Manchester concert bombing.

Now the game is to be released on Friday, I can finally post the review I’ve been waiting over a month to post:

Get Even puts you in the role of Mr Black who attempts to rescue a girl that has a bomb strapped to her chest. Nothing is known of you, the girl, the kidnappers or anything else at this point…but the bomb goes off and what unravels is a Matrix/Assassin’s Creed style VR simulation that Black goes through to fill in the blanks to why the kidnapping happened and who was involved, as well as retracing his own steps with the help of the mysterious man who guides you through the simulations called Mr Red.

On top of that, between the memories you have to have to make your way through an asylum full of deranged inmates, all the while a radio is chanting a song in almost a cultist/Wicker Man type of way…the chants of “THE PARTY….THE PARTY….THE PARTY” are seriously unnerving. Get Even is more a psychological shooter, but it doesn’t rely too heavily on cheap jump scares to which I give them a lot of credit.

Each memory lets you play as you wish, there are pieces of evidence to collect for bonuses and trophies, as well as letting you either tackle the levels stealthily or all guns blazing. Stealth is recommended by Red as it’s how it went down in the original memory and killing makes the simulation unstable. But really, it’s up to you how you play.

The game is a total mindjob, just when you think you’ve figured out what’s going on…something unexpected happens and throws the story in a different tangent, which happens more than once. Black can use pistols, silent kills, but the best weapon is the Cornergun that literally lets you see round a corner with a camera and take out the enemies without breaking cover…very much like the gun from the Wanted film.

Visually, you can tell the game is low-budget…but it is PS4 Pro enhanced and looks decent nonetheless. Voice-acting is superb, I was convinced that Black was played by Sean Bean and that Red was played by either Charles Dance or Sir Anthony Hopkins, but alas no…they just sound that professional. The soundtrack is also incredible with subtle strokes of genius that either imparts emotional or a creepy atmosphere.

The Verdict

Get Even is an amazing tale that will have your mind spinning for weeks, mine still is to be fair. It lasts roughly 10 hours or so, depending on your overall play style. It may be low-budget, but the story is anything but. This is one of those special games that perhaps will go under the radar of most, but it’s outstanding regardless of how it performs in the charts.

Score: 9.0