PS4 Review: Electrician Simulator + Smart Devices DLC

Is this latest simulation shocking?

Dad decided to retire and pass on his business to his son. A young apprentice in the art of electrical repairs and installations is now ready to embark on his own adventures as an aspiring professional. Start off with small jobs and progress to very large and complicated installations. Repair and rebuild appliances, upgrade tools, and explore the world of a busy electrician. Varied types of jobs will keep you on your toes while you learn about the basic rules of providing power to your home or workshop.

Electrician Simulator lets you fix lightbulbs, install electric wires to fuseboxes for lights or general usage, install outlets, set up smart devices (with the Smart Devices DLC) as well as a few other jobs. There’s also a repair service where you literally take apart an item like a game controller, mouse or even Roomba, test its circuit boards and other parts to see what the problem is and then fix or replace them with your tools.

The game will give you specific jobs like rewiring a house’s electrics, setting up their Christmas lights or even dismantling all the lights and outlets in a house full of coffins…yes, really. It sounds complicated but it becomes second nature after a while to just wire up a whole bunch of lights and switches together. Just be sure to turn the fusebox off first or you’ll get zapped!  The controls are very easy to get to grips with and there are video tutorials for you if you get stuck or forget how things work.

The jobs are nice and varied so you won’t get the same tasks directly after each other. The Smart Devices DLC adds new jobs and different ways of getting the job done, as well as new gadgets to repair. It doesn’t add any new trophies so it’s entirely optional for those looking for 100% completion, but it does add a lot more variety and more chances of making extra cash.

Visually, the game looks very impressive and even has nice little details like being able to turn on and change channels on the radio and TV, plus the TV channels show real footage that looks HD or maybe even 4K. The framerate is solid throughout and the loading time is minimal. I did come across a few bugs here and there, but patches seem to be frequent…one literally popped when I started writing this review.

The Verdict

Electrician Simulator may not sound like the most exciting game in the world, but it definitely has an addictive element to finishing jobs that I can’t get enough of. Personally, I love the repairing more as I enjoy tearing a device to pieces, fixing it and then having to reassemble it with every tool at my disposal. Essentially, the game does what you would expect it to and it does it well, which is more than good enough for me.

Score: 7.0