PS4 Review: Doodle God: Evolution

God Almighty…

I haven’t heard of the Doodle God games before, so I didn’t know what to expect but after playing Evolution for a bit, I had to look into it as I felt like I was missing something. I thought there was more to the gameplay than mixing elements in a menu that looked like a mobile game, but I was wrong.

This is all there is, and they want you to cough up £8 for the privilege and while that isn’t exactly going to break the bank, you can’t help but feel a bit robbed. It’s more of a bitter pill to swallow when there’s a free mobile version of Doodle God or a paid version for just over £1. For the extra cash on PS4, you’d expect it to be spruced up a bit but it’s identical and looks just as cheap as it’s Android/iOS counterpart.

It’s a bundle that comes with Doodle Farm as well, which is essentially the same thing, but farm related. The object of both is to mix elements or items together to make new ones and essentially keep going, there isn’t any real skill or strategy to it, and it wears thin incredibly quickly.

The Verdict

I honestly wish there were more to write about here, but Doodle God Evolution is a bland puzzle game that you can play for free on mobiles. The only plus are the trophies, but you’d have to grind through the tedium to get to the platinum.

Score: 4.0