PS4 Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Variety Map Pack

MWR gets some controversial DLC…but is it worth it?

There isn’t a day that goes by now without some sort of controversy surrounding Call of Duty. Be it the supply drops, adding in MWR to the Legacy Edition only or the latest issue…the Variety Map Pack.

It includes the 4 final maps that were included as DLC for the original COD 4, but everyone assumed it would be free like the added maps just before Christmas. Sadly that’s not the case and they want £11.59 (Weird price I know) for the content, but on the plus side it does come with 10 rare supply drops worth around £20. I can see both points of view here, I can see why the community would be annoyed…especially those who bought the Legacy Edition and the IW Season Pass would be miffed that they have to once again shell out, but on the flipside…the supply drops are good value if you are into that.

The maps themselves were always great additions in COD 4, and MWR’s versions are no different. They have been worked from the ground up, they offer very different types of matches based on size, scale and plain madness in some cases. The visual upgrade is definitely visible and finding matches on the new maps is easy thanks to a new playlist just for it.

The Verdict

The Variety Map Pack completes the content for MWR, even if it does come as an additional cost that many weren’t expecting. The good news is that it’s not that high a price and it comes with supply drops that make it an even better deal overall, but I can see why the COD community would be annoyed by it. It comes down to voting with your wallet, but I for one think it’s great to finally have all the content…regardless of it’s distribution.

Score: 7.5