PS3 Review: Move Fitness

Is this a worthwhile work-out?

Move Fitness is Sony’s attempt at cracking the exercise genre made famous by Nintendo and Ubisoft to name a few. It uses 2 Move controllers to simulate each arm of the user, but can it compete with its rivals?

The game comes with 28 different exercises to attempt, but everything you do requires 2 Move controllers, which is asking a lot if you only have the 1 and there’s no bundle deal with it so you’ll have to buy another controller if you want to play. The exercises vary from punching, throwing to the typical workout types, there is a good variety here but I did find it repetitive and I personally found using 2 controllers to be more of a distraction than helpful.

You will however work up quite a sweat playing, which is always good and keeps the media off our back for being overweight gamers, when now we do a lot more moving around and keeping fit thanks to motion controls. It would have been nice to see some more sport activities other than boxing and ball exercises, but that’s something that can hopefully be added for Move Fitness 2 (Or Move Fitness Plus?)

In the end, it becomes clear that Move Fitness doesn’t quite have the ammo to eliminate its competition, despite the accuracy of Move it doesn’t add anything new to exercise games that haven’t been done before on Wii or Kinect, and I personally had a lot more enjoyment from those two than exercising with Move. The visuals are average and don’t make good use of the PS3 hardware, luckily the game is priced cheaply for those looking to lose some holiday pounds after Christmas.

The Verdict

Move Fitness does a competent job in bringing exercise routines to Move, but it’s not original and there’s nothing new added that hasn’t been done better on other platforms. Also, demanding players to have 2 Move controllers is frustrating.