Pikmin, Mario Tennis and Metroid Prime 1+2 Heading to Wii!

Pikmin is coming to the Wii! Hoo-ray!

But wait, fans of Miyamoto-style gardening. The Pikmin Wii is actually just the GameCube version upped a bit to Wii spec.

Pikmin is just one game in Nintendo’s new Wii De Asobu Selection lineup, which translates to “Play on the Wii Selection.” This series will consist of GameCube games updated with Wiimote controls.

Seven titles are currently on the way for the lineup. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat kicks things off on December 11, and will be followed by Pikmin on December 25. In 2009, Nintendo plans on releasing Chibi Robo!, Pikmin 2, Mario Tennis GC, Metroid Prime, and Metroid Prime 2 Dark Echoes.

These titles will be offered at budget pricing. While we’re not sure just yet of the prices for all the games, Pikmin will sell for 3,800 yen, making it 2,000 yen less than your typical first part Wii title.

So it’s not quite Pikmin Wii to be sure, but at least it’s Pikmin running on the Wii!

Source: IGN